Killing Groundhogs With Bubble Gum: Does It Really Work?

Bubble gum that can be used for killing groundhogs

Killing groundhogs with bubble gum is an interesting pest control method that sounds too good to be true.

But is it?

This guide will teach you how effective bubble gum is at killing groundhogs, and give you some tips on how to try it yourself.

Does Bubble Gum Kill Groundhogs?

If you’ve ever had to deal with groundhogs, you know just how annoying these pests can be. Seeing groundhogs out in the open is a rarity. They spend most of their time burrowing underneath the surface, staying out of sight.

But even if you don’t see them, you’ll undoubtedly know the damage they cause!

These rodents are master burrowers. They don’t just dig simple holes or small tunnels. They can create an entire network of underground subway-like tunnels to get around your property. 

As you can imagine, those voids cause a ton of issues. Not only does it mar your yard, but it ruins the soil and any plants you might have in the area. If the groundhog gets near a structure, it could cause foundation issues.

In severe cases, a group of groundhogs can dig so many tunnels that soil collapses, creating a significant safety hazard.

A groundhog that might eat bubble gum

These animals are no joke! Full-ground groundhogs can weigh around 30 pounds. They also have a relatively long lifespan. A single groundhog can wreak havoc on your property for six years!

They spend their winters hibernating, so you won’t see much of them when the cooler temperatures roll around. But these animals will jump into action once spring is back to cause trouble again.

You need to take action if you spot groundhogs or see a bunch of tunnel entrances in your yard. But how?

There are many ways to deal with groundhogs. Both DIY and commercial options exist. But one unique technique you might hear about is killing groundhogs with bubble gum.

That’s right! We’re talking about the pink chewy stuff you used to love as a kid!

Bubble gum has the potential to kill groundhogs over the course of several days. It’s not a quick fix, and some argue it’s not very practical either. But if you have the materials on hand, it could be a solution worth trying.

How It Works

Killing groundhogs with bubble gum is indeed possible, but it’s not exactly the most effective option. Despite this, it’s worth understanding how this method works in case you want to give it a try.

Bubblegum is an interesting tool in your fight against groundhogs. It works by taking advantage of the animal’s appetite.

Groundhogs will eat plants they find around your property. They often feed on weeds and other readily available vegetation. If you have a garden in your yard, the pests will likely try to steal from it.

They’re highly opportunistic animals. While they usually avoid meat and other protein-based foods, they explore other options. For example, the animal might try to eat nuts or acorns they come across while tunneling.

This is where bubblegum comes in.

Using bubble gum to kill groundhogs is all about tricking these pests into eating the gum. Think of it as a bait trap. The gum is pretty enticing.

Depending on the flavor, the smell alone might be enough to attract the pests from across your yard. They’ll pick a whiff and navigate the tunnels to find the treat.

Once they do, most groundhogs are eager to chow down. But here’s the thing: Groundhogs can’t digest bubble gum!

Modern bubble gum is a little different from the products of yesteryear. However, they still have rubber-like ingredients. Most contemporary gums use a material called polyisobutylene. Here’s an unsettling fact: Polyisobutylene is the same stuff used to create inner tubes!

When humans chew gum, they’re wise enough not to swallow it (usually). Gum’s not made for digestion. We chew it to enjoy the flavor before spitting it out in the garbage.

Even if you swallow it accidentally, you can usually pass gum without any issues.

But groundhogs? Their relatively tiny bodies have a much harder time with bubble gum.

The animals don’t know any better, so they quickly chew and swallow any gum they come across. But none of the gum they eat will pass.

Instead, it causes a severe blockage. It causes a traffic jam with the internal organs, resulting in a slow and painful death. In a matter of days, groundhogs die from impaction as they can no longer process food.

It’s a grim fate, but it’s what makes killing groundhogs with bubble bum possible. Bubble gum is like a poison-free bait that appeals to the animal’s appetite. You don’t have to worry about toxic substances in your yard, which is always a plus.

Furthermore, it addresses one of the biggest challenges of dealing with groundhogs. You rarely see them! These creatures are master hiders and will evade capture in creative ways.

The bubble gum method lets you kill the rodent without interacting with it directly. While it’s not the most effective approach, it can get the job done when you do it right.

How To Start Killing Groundhogs With Bubble Gum

If you want to start killing groundhogs with bubble gum, you have your work cut out for you.

This technique can work, and some homeowners have found great success. But it’s largely hit or miss.

There are no guarantees, and it’s certainly not a fast-acting solution. It requires strategy, tons of patience, and some experimentation.

To kill these pests, start by gathering some bubble gum! There’s no definitive type to use. Most homeowners will utilize whatever they have on hand.

Many succeed with standard pink bubble gum. It’s cheap, and you can quickly source it without spending much money. However, you may have to experiment with other options.

You never know what flavors will work best. Groundhogs have their preferences, too. So, experimenting with flavors is a good idea if you do not see the desired results.

Start with about six to seven pieces of gum. You can use more if you think you’re dealing with a large groundhog or a group of pests ruining your yard. Six or seven is a good start, but don’t be afraid to adjust accordingly.

When you have your gum ready, unwrap each piece and pop them into a tunnel. Be careful when doing so! Groundhogs can run out when you least expect it. They will bite you if they feel threatened, so ensure there aren’t any animals hiding in the tunnel entrance.

Toss the gum into the entrance and leave. You can’t force the animals to eat the gum. The best thing you can do is give the rodent some space and leave them up to their own devices. If you pick a gum appealing to the pest, they’ll eventually eat it.

Don’t return to the tunnel’s entrance for about nine to ten days. If the gum is gone, you can assume that the groundhog ate it and is dead somewhere in the tunnel. It usually takes ten days for the gum to do its worst.

You may or may not see the dead groundhog. Don’t worry either way. Mother Nature will take care of the remains if the rodent dies in the tunnel system.

Ten days is a long time to wait for results if you’re trying to kill groundhogs with bubble gum. However, you can speed things up a little. Once again, there are no guarantees here, but some people experience better results when they plug up the tunnel entrance.

After throwing the gum into the entrance, use some rocks to cover it. Don’t push sand or dirt into the tunnel. That will only cover the gum and make it more difficult for the pest to find.

Instead, use heavy rocks or something else the groundhog can’t move.

The concept here is that plugging the entrance prevents the groundhog from fleeing. The pest will have no choice but to turn around, increasing its chances of finding the gum you left behind.

With this technique, you can expect results in about half the time. After about five days, you can check on the gum and see if the groundhog took it.

Expert Tip: As mentioned earlier, groundhogs may not like the gum you left behind. Try a different flavor if pieces are still left in the tunnel after ten days. Be patient! It can take a few attempts to find something the pests are willing to try.

Should You Use This Method?

Now that you know how killing groundhogs with bubble gum is done, is this method worth doing? That’s the million-dollar question. 

While bubble gum can kill groundhogs, it’s not the method we recommend. 

Ultimately, the way the groundhog dies doesn’t make this method very humane. Any killing method that takes several days raises some ethical questions. The groundhog unnecessarily suffers after eating the gum, which isn’t ideal.

Furthermore, the time it takes to see results can make this eradication technique more frustrating than it needs to be. There are better ways to deal with groundhogs. You can try this method if you want to save money, but we always recommend going another route.

Hiring a pest control expert is often your best bet if you don’t have experience with trapping. They can set traps near tunnel entrances, enticing the groundhog with tasty food that won’t cause a slow death. Once trapped, pest control can relocate the animal to a safer spot away from your property.

It’s a better choice than a slow death. Plus, you get much quicker results.


While killing groundhogs with bubble gum isn’t a method we recommend, it’s technically possible. There are far more effective options out there, but it definitely can work.

If you have any questions about this unique way of dealing with groundhogs, don’t be shy. Send us a message and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

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