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Contributing a guest post to bcpestcontrol.com offers you a unique opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with a vibrant community of homeowners, DIY enthusiasts, and professional remodelers. Here’s what you stand to gain by writing for us:

Brand Exposure and Credibility: Your work will be featured on a reputable platform, helping you build your personal brand and credibility in the field of home improvement and pest control.

Audience Engagement: Connect with a dedicated audience that’s passionate about transforming their living spaces. Receive feedback, engage in discussions, and become a recognized voice in the community.

Traffic Growth: Writing for us is a great way to grow your website and drive more traffic to your brand. With over 40,000 pageviews per month, bcpestcontrol.com has an active and engaged audience that’s interested in what you offer.

Submission Guidelines

To maintain the quality of our content and provide valuable information to our readers, we ask that all contributors adhere to the following guidelines:

Content Quality and Originality

  • Original Content: All submissions must be original and not previously published elsewhere.
  • Relevance and Value: Content should provide practical advice, actionable tips, or unique insights that cater to our audience’s interests.
  • Accurate: Ensure all information is accurate, with data or experiences to back up your claims. Cite reputable sources where applicable.

Formatting and Submission

  • Length: We would like articles to be at least 1,000 to 2,000 words.
  • Formatting: Include headings, subheadings, bullet points, and images (if applicable) to enhance readability.
  • Submission: Send your pitch or guest post in a Google Docs or Word document to bcpestcontrol@protonmail.com

Ready to Contribute?

If you have insights to share in the form of a contribution or guest post, we’d love to hear from you.
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